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Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Ben White

What does G2G mean?

• G2G is an acronym for “Glory to God.”. When we find our intersection of

   spiritual gifting, provision, and calling, we are no longer “working” for a

   living but enjoying life for God’s purposes.

Do I have to be a Christian to participate?

• No. All of the curriculum is based on scripture and biblical teachings. 

   These principles are universal. We have worked with clients with a variety 

   of faiths and religious backgrounds – atheists, Muslims, and Christian pastors.

Who should complete the G2G experience?

• G2G is useful to those looking for help in making major life and career decisions. 

  Young professionals, mid-career transitions, return to work after resume gaps, and

  those close to retiring have all found G2G life-changing.

How much time and work is involved?

• 2-4 hours per week including 1-on-1 coaching time.

  Coaching is available in person or virtually to best meet our clients needs. 

Is there a book or promotional materials that I can review on my own?

• A book and workbook are under development.  Our work has been successful

  based on enthusiastic word of mouth referrals without any additional advertising

  or collateral marketing material.

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