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How It Works

Image by Amy Hirschi

• Approximately 12 weekly one-on-one meetings with a coach who will

walk alongside you through this process.

• Faith-based curriculum of reading, reflection and writing designed to

allow you to think objectively about your life and purpose.

• Strong accountability to complete the process in an authentic and

meaningful way.

• The result is a worksheet and game plan for you to execute in finding

a meaningful life and fulfilling work.

What We Do...
Office Meeting

• Help People Find Purpose.

• Help People Navigate Life.

• Help People Better Connect to God.

What You Get...
Image by airfocus

• A Roadmap to Follow in Life and Career Decision-Making.

• Practical Tools to Help Budget Time and Finances.

• Insights and Perspectives that will Change the Trajectory of

   Your Life.

What It Is...
Image by Terrah Holly

• Guided Discovery and Insights

• Faith Based Reflection and Discussion

• Challenging Work

• Progressive Iterations

What It Isn't...
Image by Kelly Sikkema

• Counseling

• Paid Bible Study

• Easy Answers

• Standalone Modules

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